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The Spartan team are regular attendees of Maritime Conferences, Events and Forums. This includes Marine Money conferences in Europe, US and Asia and Capital Link Maritime Forums in London, Athens and New York.

Spartan Partnership has also co-sponsored the Capital Link – 8th Annual Shipping, Marine Services & Offshore Forum in London which afforded the firm excellent business development and networking opportunities and maintained reputational visibility and industry commitment.

Capital Link

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Other Media

Stathi is a regular contributor to Maritime industry-specific media, such as Tradewinds, Maritime CEO, Gulfship News and Ship Management International. He is acutely tapped into the mentality of Shipping as an Asset and Investment business and has been interviewed by the leading Shipping publication, Tradewinds, in which he was described as being ‘Shipping’s Kingmaker’.

Shipping’s Kingmaker

Martitime CEO

Spartan Partnership: Where’s hot in ship finance